BORDERLANDS 3: Bloody Harvest


Music System Controlled

Soundtrack Mixes


This DLC came hot off the heels of shipping BL3 and due to some compressed schedules, I had to score this Halloween event in a week. 

BL3 pulled a lot of synthwave influence into it’s score as a complement to the neon aesthetics of Promethea and the heavy purple theming of the CoV faction. This free DLC had a challenging tone it was striking of “spooky but funny.”

The title music is intentionally pretty. One of the devices I’ve always incorporated into BL music style is contrasting our comedic tone and “Verhoeven” inspired Over-The-Topness with moments of beauty to create a more complex emotional make-up. Otherwise BL can easily become a more 1-dimensional experience without those contrasting moments. 

Boss Gameplay Context

Combat Soundtrack Mixes


Sebastien is one of my favorite EDM artists so I drew a lot of inspiration from his sound and style for the boss music in round 2. I tried to use Round 1 as a bridge between the level music and this shift in style, but tbh I thought the round 1 cue was the weakest of the bunch for this DLC. 

We were really excited about how this fight came together as a team. Once we dropped the music in, everything just felt like it came together perfectly.