BORDERLANDS 3: Bloody Harvest


Music System Controlled

Soundtrack Mixes


Learning the Morin Khuur and Tuvan throat singing techniques was one of my favorite parts of creating this material. I tuned the Morin Khuur to an octave and also lowered the pitch so the strings are fairly loose. Many of it’s parts are pitched up an octave for doubling purposes.

The first ambient track features a clip of one of our quartet sessions run through some cassette tape emulation to add character. Stormdrum 3 provides taikos with very aggressive compression from “The Glue” compressor VST. The Morin khuur was recorded in my home working space during the pandemic.

Boss Gameplay Context

Combat Soundtrack Mixes



In the first combat clip, the morin khuur is featured as well as a stock kontakt upright piano. The huge distorted leads are tow serum patches, one providing a bass range and the other a mid/high range with panning. That’s partly why they sound so big. You can hear them return about mid-way through the Kormash track with different settings where they’re tuned a little less aggressively. These bass lines were also created using Melodyne’s MIDI export capability, so I would “write” the line using the morin khuur so I had free pitch control and then export that for synth doubling. In this case, I ended up deleting the morin khuur and keeping just the synth.