I'm Raison,
A composer and sound designer working in video games,

Originally from a suburb of Philadelphia, I have been working in games for 17 years. Some of the titles that I’ve shipped in that time include: Borderlands 3, Battleborn, Borderlands 2, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Red Faction Guerrilla, Saint’s Row 2 and Prey.

I tend to approach development as a generalist. Meaning that I feel I am most effective when I’m drawing from a wide set of disciplines like color grading and videography, music composition and narrative design, production and system design philosophy, voice acting/performing creature vocals/voice direction, interpersonal psychology and systems of people, etc… By understanding other disciplines through the lens of their craft, I become closer to them, sharing in the unique perspective their mediums offer. Our creativity as a team benefits when we recirculate those perspectives back through the wide array of disciplines under our rooves. Ultimately, our connection to one another as we make games echoes through the players experience when they consume them.

These intense and wide areas of interest have helped me craft smart policies that reduce friction within organizations, design cross-feedback systems between audio and visual effects and otherwise engage in what I have started to coin as “competent fun.”

In other words, I believe that when professionals shed their formalities and focus on sharing in the enjoyment of the excellence of our craft, our products and our lives serve as inspiration to ourselves and the rest of the world. The more successful we are at existing within this space, the more memorable, rich in character and unique in personality our work becomes.

Game development offers us a unique crossroads where we can bring all of these contexts into relevance every day. It is what keeps me engaged with curiosity and passion for our craft year after year.