My name is Raison Varner,
Dallas based composer and sound designer,

I have been working in games for 15 years. Some of the titles that I’ve shipped in that time include: Borderlands 3, Battleborn, Borderlands 2, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Red Faction Guerrilla, Saint’s Row 2 and Prey.

I like to approach development with a generalist mentality. Meaning that I feel I am most effective when I’m drawing from a wide set of disciplines and interests like color grading, music composition, voice acting, writing, psychology, game mechanics, particle effects and others. By understanding other disciplines through the lens of their own field, it helps me make connections that extend my intuition beyond audio alone.

Another area of passion is interpersonal and cognitive psychology and using those interests to help inform anything from design principles for internal tools that are mindful to maintain flow states to department policy informed by an understanding of group psychology and the ways small tweaks in policy can create lower levels of stress and discontent among a team.

Game development is situated at a unique crossroads between all those areas of interest and it’s what keeps me engaged with curiosity and passion for our craft year after year.